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Updated: Jan 20

To fantasize is one thing, but living a fantasy (or at least trying to) is totally another.

So how did my story start?

I’ve been a geek, well…since forever. Always into fantasy, into Disney, into Marvel, wearing #geeky glasses, my own sense of fashion with loads of colors, quotes and logos... going to one school in the morning and the other one (music school) in the afternoon.

It would be a total cliche, but I sucked at chemistry and physics really bad, which definitely wouldn’t get me into Sheldon’s group!

I also liked to collect toys. Nothing like today’s kids when they get a toy - they play with it for a few days, show it to their friends to brag a bit and then later – who knows where it ends… No, no, not in my case and not my toys. They were all carefully kept, until today.

But my collector’s appetite became bigger with years and now I have quite a big collection of all kinds of toys – #Lego, #Disney, #Playmobil, #Barbie, #Sylvanian families, #Kinder surprise, #Littlest pet shop, #LOL surprise dolls and much more .

How does it all fit with photography and design then?

I fell M-A-D-L-Y in love with photography around four years ago, and since then – my life has changed.

Nothing was ever the same – literally everything became a potential subject of my photos, every color of every day was different, there wasn't a rainy day or a grey cloud that could have made my day boring or my mood grumpy. Bright sunny day meant that the sunset will be special, semi-bright meant waiting for fluffy clouds to appear, overcast meant great time for portraits and rainy meant: "Yaaay! All the bright colors around will pop!".

But when I was inside the house, rearranging my toys...I would look at them and thing what a great potential they have - what a world of imagination lies in there...



And that’s how it began – at first there was classic toy #photography, but as I started to master #photoshop more and more (and there is loads yet to come) I began to add some special effects to my photos, a bit later I learned how to make e.g. watercolor style images.

Now I am learning #photo manipulation. It takes a lot of my nerves, to be honest. It requires a high level of different kinds of skills - from cutting out, blending, color toning etc. Just imagine making the impossible feel...well - POSSIBLE! So, that is currently my path that I am trying to follow - #surreal.

Both in wacky and simple design combinations and in surreal and toy photography.

After a while of swimming in that area – I decided to open my own shop on #society. An awesome platform where an artist can create and sell their prints, as well as designs on t-shirts, pillows, blankets, phone cases and much more!

My shop is a bit quite geeky but I believe most people could find something for themselves. We were all kids once, right?

I imagined this blog to be a place where about what inspires me, what sets me in a right emotional mood to create, what is the origin of my photos, the items involved...

In one sentence:

The story behind it all.
...to be continued...

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