In the pouring rain

Updated: Feb 26

...or it's not always fantastic...

I wanted to start a fantasy story and then continue in a "shiny happy people" tone, but then I was out for quite a long time...and nothing is worse than an empty, boring blog. I just had some struggles with things (life) around me, in this messy #covid19 situation, plus I got really sc*ewed by someone on Etsy who was reporting my every art that was "inspired by"... something. If you get enough reports - you get suspended. I tried explaining that I stated it was "not sponsored or endorsed by" example. Gucci, plus that it was watercolor print (not a fake t-shirt) but... nothing. It seems people can report you anonymously. So other competitors can easily target you. Not a good policy for them, but it is what it is. That's why I transferred to society6, an artistic platform that makes lots of things from your design, check it out:

Anyway, I've been meaning to write about growing up in the #90s because those were the years crucial for my inspiration and for my collector's spirit. And I the next post.

I must say that staying home had some benefits - I had more time working on some special techniques in photoshop, watching tutorials, and practicing. This one was one of my favourites, I just bought the #hazmat suit guy:

It is a hard time for all of us, my mind is with everybody who is in trouble. But sometimes you just have to have a place to vent, otherwise, you will go crazy!

There were also times that I took pictures in the pouring rain! I wore a raincoat and a plastic bag over my #camera, rain boots, and - off into the garden!

I took my Dad's old car toys once...

A yellow truck from '60s and a very cool limo from the same period.

Luckily, there is a corner in my garden where there is always a small swamp made during the rain.

A lot of pictures were made there:

#Stormtrooper was stuck in sooo bad...I almost got stuck with him :)

#HarryPotter squad had some great adventures there, too!

I decreased the exposure so that a little tiny swamp looked like a dark, scary, magic lake!

But not everybody was drowning, of course...there was some pretty idyllic scenes, too...

#Ariel and her cute green ducks (although in the movie they would probably be yellow or blue, hope #Flounder isn't jealous)

#LOLsurprise doll POSH with her little white pony that she stole from Rapunzel :)

I don't know why, but this cute fox figure reminds me of #Pennywise


Must be the peek-a-boo balloon...

There is never enough of #Minions!!

I call this one "We didn't start the fire"

Most of these photos aren't anywhere to be found for purchase, I don't want to get in trouble again because of Dreamworks, Lego, Disney or MGA toys copyrights.

This is just for me, for someone out there who likes toys or just...the ones who feel the rain today.

But the Sun WILL shine again...we just have to be patient and in the meanwhile...



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