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Basic overview of the Etsy shop

Etsy platform is an ideal place to sell your photography, design and any other kinds of crafts you make

It is a handmade/self-made paradise.

But (there is always a “BUT”) it is not easy to make it there. There are a loooooot of people selling the same product as you (posters, greeting cards etc.) and you need to find a way to make yours different PLUS you need a good marketing strategy. That’s what I’m still struggling with and trying to learn.

It is also important to have as many different product as possible. I don’t have that many yet because I’ve recently opened it, but here is what I have so far, sorted by sections:

  • Fashion posters

  • Pop art posters

  • Food posters

  • Vintage style posters

  • Watercolor style posters

  • Toy photography

  • Surreal photography

  • Aerial photography

  • Wildlife photography

  • Greeting Cards

  • Mousepads

Fashion and Pop art are sections where it is all about graphic design. Fashion section is about making fantasy versions of famous brands such as Gucci made as ice-cream or Chanel as a cotton candy.

Pop art is a similar category as fashion, everything is made as a fantasy combination, but it excludes fashion. Personally, I am a great fan of Mondrian and Pollock, so I often take their patterns as an inspiration. Sometimes I think I should open a separate section, but in time... Here there are also designs like famous characters from gaming world, wacky animals, hot air balloons, chocolate etc.

Food posters is just as it sounds - all about food, but not marked as any brand. Just plain, simple, delicious fantasy food. Here is an example of a famous biscuit called "Petit Beurre", it is a kind of shortbread that has its origin in France. The dry cake (with butter, oh so delicious!) was invented in 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile in the city of Nantes. Very soon there were competitors all around the world.

In Germany, there is a butter biscuit very similar to the French Petit Beurre and it's called Leibniz-Keks, they named it after a great German philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. Today many other companies throughout the world make similar biscuits, like famous Croatian sweets factory called "Kraš". I took one of those yummy biscuits, looked it for a while (but not for long) and it reminded me of a sandy beach. That's how the picture below was made.

Vintage style and Watercolor style are a separate techniques of making, thats why each have their own section.

Vintage style posters, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, are made to look as if someone (e.g. Leonardo) was making a geometry sketch - there are triangles, stain marks, numbers and small hand-written paragraphs. I decided to make it look like he was sketching famous gaming characters, cartoon characters, toys and other stuff known to our everyday life.

Watercolor style posters are made to seem as if there is too much color and it's dripping... Also, there are skratches on the image as well as more tiny splashes all over the image.

Photography sections stand on their own, both the surreal, toys, wildlife and aerial photography made with drone. These are examples of the categories:

There are also products such as: Greeting cards and Mousepads (if people are still even using those:).

…but I don't want to reveal everything now because more is YET to come… notebooks, pillows, puzzles, memory cards…a whole bunch of stuff!


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