LedoLand ART is a brand that represents my artistic vision of the world through photography and design. It also stands for a Etsy shop name: LedoLand ART

It is a place where you can find fantasy style photos and items perfect for your home: wall art, greeting cards and all kinds of photo gifts.

It'S my own little geeky paradise with no room for reality.


My name is Petra.

I was born in a beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.

I graduated at Medical University of Zagreb.

My daytime job - Child and Adolescent psychiatry resident at University Hospital “Zagreb”.

Also, a New York Institute of photography graduate, Professional photography course (class 2019).   

Member of “Fotonaut” photography school in Zagreb.

Displate shop: https://displate.com/ledopix

Aerial photography portfolio: https://500px.com/petraledo

Toy photography portfolio instagram: @ledoland_toys

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LedoLand ART